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Synth Magic Sounds of the Trilogy KONTAKT

Synth Magic Sounds of the Trilogy KONTAKT
Synth Magic Sounds of the Trilogy KONTAKT | 1.77 Gb
This early 80s analogue synthesizer from Italian manufacturer, Crumar, featured seperate synth/organ and strings sections. Not jam-packed with features, like many ‘budget’ synths of the day, but bags of quirks, charm and character! We’ve faithfully reprodcued this old gem in its entirety and added a few touches of our own along the way. Sounds of the Trilogy is a Kontakt 5 instrument based on the rare and sought after Crumar Trilogy Synthesiser. With over 2GB of 24-bit samples taken from this analogue synth there’s plenty to get your teeth into. The sample library includes lots of sounds made on the Trilogy using its Synthesiser and Organ section. The Ensemble synth has also been sampled with a number of timbre settings to give rich, vibrant analogue sounds. Like all our instruments the samples are controlled by the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI for Sounds of the Trilogy was designed by world renowned GUI designer, Anders Hedstrom (aka Flavours of Lime). No messing around with loading different sections, or having to adjust Kontakt behind the scenes - you can access the whole instrument from the same GUI. We’ve also added loads of extra features added such as LFOs, tremoloes, formant filters and formant LFOs, animators, auto panners, high pass filters, and more! There are 150 presets included to start your sonic journey with Sounds of the Trilogy and remember you can tweak these presets to your own taste so very easily using the custom interface. Section 1: Trilogy sample library - an easy to use drop down menu system for quick and easy access to the samples. Lots of bass, strings, resonance, filter mod effects, organs, analogue strings, analogue stabs, Trilogy filter effects etc, all easily tweaked via the custom GUI. Section 2: Trilogy Ensemble. This section which gives you the beautiful analogue strings of the Trilogy. Sampled with 3 timbre settings and added formant filters, resonant filters, high pass filters, filter envelopes etc. Easily re-create the lush analogue strings of this classic synth, or make new and exciting variations. The strings can sound anything from Jarre Oxygene type phased strings to Wendy Carlos Bach strings. Section 3: Multi effects and control section. Each section can be stacked to give vibrant, exciting analogue sounds.
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Synth Magic Sounds of the Trilogy KONTAKT
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